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COVID vaccinations will be available soon and booking will open online once it’s available.

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In order to ensure safe and effective influenza immunization this year we request that all of our patients book their immunizations before hand.

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About Us

A pharmacy to help you and your loved ones achieve your health goals.

Are you looking for a pharmacy that does more than counting your pills and handing them out in a paper bag? a pharmacist that knows you and your family members? and is willing to take the extra mile to deliver personalized and quality care? That is exactly what Sunrise Pharmacy has been providing for the past 5 years. We are independently and locally owned Neighborhood Pharmacy. At Sunrise Pharmacy you will feel comfortable and will receive the attention you need every time you visit our store or use our service. Our main focus is to ensure every customer receives the care they need in a friendly and efficient way.

Our Services

We provide many different services to help all of our patients reach their health goals.

At Sunrise Pharmachoice we offer a wide range of compounded medications. Including creams, ointment, suspensions and much more. We offer our compounding solutions to all of our patients, including their pets!
Medication Reviews
Sunrise Pharmachoice is here to ensure you understand your medications and their benefits. Our pharmacists accomplish this with medication reviews. During the medication review process our pharmacists will go through the medications and supplements you take and discuss their relevance to your health. The pharmacists will optimize your health by identifying any drug problems or unmet needs and making appropriate recommendations. All recommendations made will be shared with your other healthcare professionals, keeping them up to date, and ensuring you receive the best care possible.
Compliance Packs
Compliance packs provide an organized, safe and convenient way for you to take your medications. Many patients take multiple medications and supplements at different times of the day which can be overwhelming. Sunrise Pharmachoice offers a solution to this problem through our Compliance packs and rolls. Our pharmacy team will organize your medications into easy to use compliance packs or rolls in order to help reduce any medication mistakes which can occur at home.
Medical Supplies
At Sunrise Pharmachoice our mission is to enable personal health and we accomplish this by going beyond medications to support your health care needs. We specialize in mobility & rehabilitation and offer a wide variety of home health care supplies.
At Sunrise Pharmachoice our pharmacists work with you to identify vaccines you require to help prevent certain diseases you may be at risk for. We offer on-site vaccination clinics for many different immunizations which are administered by our injection certified pharmacists. We also provide private consultation between you and our travel certified pharmacists to ensure you are ready for your next trip. Our pharmacists can dispense and administer many travel vaccines without a prescription and provide you with recommendations to keep you safe during your travels. Call us today to book a vaccination consultation.

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Say goodbye to waiting for your refill. As part of maintaining a healthy life, PharmaChoice is proud to offer an innovative and user-friendly App. Download to your Apple or Android device for free today.

Happy Patients

"The best travel clinic I've been to! The ladies there took there time to thoroughly look at our immunization needs beyond our specific upcoming trip. Despite low availability, my husband was squeezed in to get an important yellow fever shot for his impromptu trip to Brazil. The best part was how fast the injections were that didn't make you feel any pain at all. "
"I started getting my prescriptions here when they opened.I have worked in retail and Pharmacy and can appreciate this level of customer service. I feel I can always ask any questions,the advice has been excellent. The Pharmacists are friendly and even when busy, take the time to listen. I live in New Westminster and have complex health issues which even before the pandemic sometimes prevented me from coming into my Doctor. Whatever I needed, they made sure it was delivered to me."

Better Care For All Our Patients

At Sunrise Pharmacy our goal is to provide the best care possible to all of our patients. If you have questions about your medications, disease states, or anything else health related please get in touch.